Mission and vision

Connecting people, experiences and emotions through secure technology.

We are the world leader in secure AV content delivery. Our vision is to securely connect creators and their global customers and simplify processes in the digital media and entertainment industry. 

We are the creators of patent-protected technologies and practices we are proud of. We take the same approach to protecting the IP of other creators.

Our thoughts

Today’s technologies have revolutionized the exploitation of intellectual property and opened exciting new highways for the distribution, consumption, and engagement that can be created by today’s rights holders and media creators.

At Artinii.pro, we’re committed to helping foster this new generation of digital distribution, rights protection, and audience engagement by developing platforms that will expand the reach, strengthen the protection, and broaden the revenues associated with today’s intellectual property.


Life is already complicated enough, so we create solutions that simplify people's lives.


We act in a transparent and trustworthy manner that earns the respect of colleagues, customers, and the public alike.


We achieve our goals when we all work together.


We create solutions that will save customer's time and make handling day to day business easier.


Our technology maintains the highest security standards.


We belong to the TIW SE family

Meet our team and advisors from around the world

Ctirad Hemelík

Artinii.Pro CEO &
TIW Co-Founder


Vladimír Kuba

TIW Co-Founder


Ondřej Polák

TIW Co-Founder & Managing Director


Eliska Szopova

TIW Chief Technology


Jakub Červenka

Artinii.Pro Account Manager


Michail Michalin

Artinii.Pro Chief
Technology Officer


Adela Skotak

Artinii.Pro Backend Developer


Vít Krajíček

TIW Co-Founder

Tim Addison

SVP Partnerships

Artinii.Pro sales representativ

Brian Newman

TIW Advisory Board Member

Michael Dobbin

TIW Advisory Board
Member & Artinii.Pro Canada rep.

Petr Stránský

TIW Master Advisor

Yusuf Shaikh

TIW Advisory Board
Member & Artinii.Pro
India rep.

Priti Jain

Artinii.Pro India

Sara Polak

TIW Advisory Board Member

Ted Hope

TIW Advisory Board Member


Jan Václav Čep

TIW Advisory Board Member

Karol Martensko Fenster

TIW Advisory Board Member

SEBRE Incubator

Proud members of the SEBRE Incubator


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